Youth Criminal Defence

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Youths in Canada are dealt with under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, as well as the Criminal Code. Youth defence is a specialized area of criminal law, and requires knowledge and expertise in dealing with the many considerations that the youth and their family have to take into account, including social media, school relations, and substance abuse.  

Upon arrest, a young person has rights and protections that are not given to adults. Often, these rights are not properly granted to them when they are investigated or held in custody.  These types of breaches may affect the outcome of the young person's trial.

A criminal record may be detrimental to the young person's future. Entries onto a youth record remain open for a set period of time, and DNA collected is also accessible to law enforcement agencies. The young person may also have significant stakeholders in his future, such as family members and school administrators. Michelle works tirelessly to understand the unique profile of each of her youth clients, and tailor a strong defence to their charges. If Michelle resolves their matters, she will tailor a resolution that will least impact their future prospects. 

Recent Success: R v H.A.

H.A. was charged with attacking a group of young people with bear spray. At the conclusion of trial, after Michelle's precise and thorough cross-examination of 6 civilian witnesses, the judge acquitted the young person of all charges.