Violent Offences

Your Complete Defence


Violent offences are amongst the most common charges you can face in our justice system. They range from minor assaults and threats to homicides. Alcohol and/or drugs are often involved in violent offences. It is important that you consult with counsel as soon as possible, to ensure you can preserve any defences available to you, including electronic evidence and your own memory of what occurred. 

The evidence that underlies these charges is often based on the credibility of one or two witnesses. A thorough knowledge of the rules of evidence, eyewitness frailty, and experienced negotiation and cross-examination is required to successfully defend these charges. 

Sentences typically range from a discharge to years in jail where significant injury is caused or serious weapons and threats are used, Michelle has very often negotiated extremely serious violent offences down to less serious charges where a discharge or fines are available. She is proud of her track record in achieving the best possible resolution for her clients in very difficult situations.    

Recent Success: R. v. J.B. 

J.B. was charged with stabbing an individual outside a bar. The Crown prosecutor stayed all charges against J.B. after Michelle pointed out weaknesses in the Crown's ability to identify J.B. from eyewitness testimony.