Sexual Offences

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Sexual offences, including sexual assault, sexual interference, and creation or possession of child pornography are amongst the most serious in Canada. They are usually penalized by significant periods of incarceration, and DNA and prohibition orders. You may have search warrants executed on your home, your electronics seized, and your DNA collected for evidentiary purposes. 

A specially trained team of detectives typically investigate sexual offences. Often, specialized prosecutors are entrusted with sexual assault prosecutions, especially where minors are involved. Many lawyers consider sexual assault defence to be a separate category of criminal defence; a unique body of law regarding evidence at trial, cross-examination of sexual assault complainants, and sentencing has evolved for sexual offences. If you are under investigation or have been charged with sexual offences, it is imperative that you are defended by a lawyer with experience dealing with sexual offences and the intricacies of the law in this area. 

A number of defences are available to you, including identification, real consent, mistaken belief in consent, and a mistaken belief that the Complainant was able to consent. Issues may arise with respect to the manner in which the police conducted the search of your home, electronics, or your person. Each case is unique, and the circumstances of what occurred are important. Michelle Parhar takes the time to thoroughly explore every possible defence, to ensure that you get the best outcome possible. It is recommended that for these charges, you book an appointment for a free in-person consultation. However, a free telephone consultation can usually be accommodated.  

Recent Success: R. v. P.S.

P.S. was charged with a major sex assault of a child. After a lengthy trial and Michelle's thorough cross examination of the Complainant and all corroborating witnesses, the Judge acquitted P.S.of all charges.