Impaired Driving/Driving Offences

Impaired driving and criminal driving offences

Criminal driving offences can be found in s. 249 to 259 of the Canadian Criminal Code.

If you are facing charges for driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs, refusal of a breath sample, driving over 80, dangerous driving and other driving offences, it is important that you speak with an experienced lawyer. Anyone found guilty of an impaired driving offence will be prohibited from operating a motor vehicle for a period of a least a year. It will also result in a Criminal record, employment consequences, increased insurance premiums and immigration consequences. If another person was injured or died as a result of impaired or dangerous driving, the consequences may be severe. Michelle dedicated the beginning of her career almost exclusively to successfully defending criminal driving offences. She continues to practice heavily in this area, and keeps herself continuously updated in this constantly evolving area of law. Michelle is an experienced driving defense lawyer and will properly advise you on the steps taken to successfully fight an impaired driving charge


·       Impaired Driving [s. 253(1)(b)]

·       Driving over 80 [s. 253(1)(a)]

·       Refusing a breath sample [s. 254]

·       Dangerous Driving [s. 249]

·       Dangerous Driving causing bodily harm [s. 249(3)]

·       Dangerous Driving causing bodily death [s. 249(4)]

·       Flight from a Peace Officer [s. 249.1]


Sentences for Impaired Driving/Over 80/Refusal

Impaired driving charges are subject to mandatory minimums that include a one year driving prohibition and a minimum $1,000 fine. If you have previous convictions for impaired driving, driving "over 80", or refusal of a demand the a Crown might impose a

Criminal driving defences are extremely technical. Contact Michelle at 403-835-4010 to discuss the circumstances of your case and what your next steps should be. Initial consultations are complementary and can be conducted over the telephone or in person.