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Michelle gives her all to help her clients. She went over and above to help me with my case. I highly recommend her to anyone I know.
- S.S.

R. v. P.S. 

P.S. was charged with sexually assaulting a minor. After Michelle's thorough cross examination of the Complainant and all corroborating witnesses, the Judge acquitted P.S.of all charges.


R. v. S.F.

S.F. was arrested for striking and severely injuring a motorist, as well as several spree robberies in three Alberta jurisdictions. The Crown Prosecutors involved vehemently opposed S.F.'s release on all three grounds. Regardless, Michelle successfully secured S.F.'s release from custody on a no-cash bail in two contested bail hearings in two days. 

R. v. K.B. 

K.B. was sentenced to 18 months in custody on a flight from police conviction. Successfully  appealed this sentence at the Court of Appeal and received a unanimous judgement reducing the sentence by three months.  

R. v. J.C.P. 

J.P. was charged with weapons offences following a police search of a home. All charges were stayed the day before trial, after the Crown prosecutor received Charter notice outlining defence arguments at trial.

R. v. M.C. 

M.C was charged with multiple weapons charges, assault, theft, and  breaches of probation. More than half the charges withdrawn by the Crown prosecutor before Trial.





R. v. I.L. 

I.L. was charged with cultivation of marijuana (operating a grow-op) in a Calgary home. The matter was heard in a rigorous week long trial with several Crown witnesses and experts. Following Michelle's thorough cross-examination and oral arguments, I.L. was found not guilty by the jury.

R. v. J.G. 

J.G. was charged with unlawful confinement, assault causing bodily harm and multiple breaches. Following a lengthy negotiation, the Crown withdrew the unlawful confinement and assault causing bodily harm charges. Michelle was also successful in having J.G. discharged by the Judge for his remaining breach charges.

R. v. B. G. 

B. G. was charged with three counts of breaking and entering and possession of stolen property. Following Michelle's cross examination of the police witnesses, the Crown invited the Court to dismiss the charges.

R. v. H.E.C. 

H.E.C was charged with three counts of fraud in excess of $30,000. After months of negotiation, all charges withdrawn by the Crown Prosecutor before a trial began.


R. v. A.C. 

A.C. was detained at the Calgary Remand Centre after arrest and charged with several break and enter offences. Bail was secured the day Michelle met with the Crown prosecutor and all charges withdrawn before a trial date was set.


R. v. J.B. 

J.B. was charged with stabbing an individual outside a bar. The Crown prosecutor stayed all charges against J.B. after Michelle pointed out weaknesses in the Crown's ability to identify J.B. from eyewitness testimony.                                                          

R. v. E.S.

E.S. was charged with a number of weapons offences, including possession of a loaded sawed-off shotgun. Following multiple discussions with the Crown Prosecutor involving Charter issues at trial, Michelle successfully persuaded the Crown Prosecutor to stay the charges weeks before trial began.  

R. v. K.S. 

S.K. charged with serious and ongoing domestic assaults and violence against his child and wife. After several weeks of negotiation, all charges were withdrawn by the Crown and K.S. was able to return to his family home. 

R. v. S.C.S. 

S.C.S. was charged with impaired driving and driving "over 80". The Crown stayed both charges in the middle of the Trial following Michelle Parhar's cross-examination of the Peace Officer.                                                    

R. v. C.P. 

C.P. charged with drug trafficking, fraud and weapons offences. Conducted a reverse-onus bail hearing against two Crown Prosecutors and successfully secured C.P.'s release from custody.