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Fraud offences cover a variety of finance-related crimes. Bankruptcy fraud, credit card fraud, counterfiet money,  may result from theft of your employer, the government, or a friend or family member. Dishonesty offences such as fraud can be devastating to your future employment prospects. 

Frauds cases are often complex. To prove their case, the Crown is usually required to prove a series of steps using documentation, expert and civilian witnesses, or electronic transmissions. To successfully defend these cases, your lawyer should have a thorough knowledge of the rules of evidence, and must be diligent in examining your disclosure to point out weaknesses in the links the Crown may be required to prove. 

You may be required to seek out and preserve evidence from your accounts or other electronic means. Michelle can be contacted anytime to arrange a free in-person consultation in complete confidentiality. 

Recent success: R. v. H.E.C. 

H.E.C was charged with three counts of fraud in excess of $30,000. After months of negotiation, all charges withdrawn by the Crown Prosecutor before his trial began.