Domestic Assault Offences

Your Complete Defence


If you are charged with violence or threats of violence against a spouse or family member, your matter will be dealt with by a special unit of prosecutors who litigate domestic matters. In almost every case, you will be released from police custody on conditions preventing you from attending your home, and contacting your spouse and family. 

Michelle understands the urgency involved in having these charges resolved as soon as possible. Her goal is to have your domestic matters dealt with quickly, and in a matter that will not result in a criminal record entry for you. She will provide you with invaluable advice and guidance that will assist in receiving the best possible conclusion to your matters, so you may return home. 

Recent success: R. v. K.S. 

S.K. charged with serious and ongoing domestic assaults and violence against his child and wife. After a couple of weeks of negotiation, all charges were withdrawn by the Crown and R.S. was able to return to his family home.