Domestic Offenses


Domestic assault offences are some of the most common charges addressed in Alberta’s criminal courts. Many people find themselves before the courts for the first time as a result of possible domestic violence offences. If you are facing allegations of a domestic offence charges it’s important to speak with an experienced lawyer right away, to provide advice and defend your reputation.  Those charged with a domestic assault offence may be held for a bail hearing and put on strict bail conditions restricting contact with the complainant. Bail conditions will remain for as long as the charges are before the court, but may be changed by your lawyer.

Domestic Assault refers to any assault between two individuals in a familial relationship. For example, this may include a spouse, intimate partner, child, parent or sibling. 

Michelle is an experienced lawyer you can trust to inform you of your rights and the next steps to take. Both innocent and guilty people need legal advice. 


·       Criminal Harassment [S. 264(1), 372(3)]

·       Uttering Threats [s. 264.1(1)(a)]

·       Sexual Assault (s. 271, s. 272, s. 273)

·       Kidnapping (s. 279)



A complainant may have applied for an Emergency Protection Order (EPO) in Provincial Court. You have the opportunity to challenge an EPO which restrains you from contacting members of your family and prevents you from returning home. Breaches of an EPO are very serious, and can result in jail time. Contact Michelle to discuss your options and get a realistic opinion of how to properly address this serious court order.