Criminal Driving

Your Complete Defence


Being charged with Impaired driving/"over 80"/"refusal" or criminal driving offences such as dangerous driving and leaving the scene of an accident is extremely stressful. A guilty finding can result in years of difficulty for you. Your license may immediately be suspended, and you may be subject to longer period of driving prohibition upon a guilty finding. 

Driving offences may have serious criminal consequences. Mandatory minimum sentences are usually imposed for these offences. If another motorist or pedestrian is injured, the Crown can seek months, or even years in jail. If you have a prior impaired driving offence on your record, the judge may have to impose a 30-day period of incarceration on you as well. 

These charges require a practiced eye to assess your case from all angles. Often a resolution is not available, so these cases are won in trial. Contact Michelle to discuss your case and go over your options with a practiced trial lawyer. 

Recent success: R. v. S.C.S. 

S.C.S. was charged with impaired driving and driving "over 80". The Crown stayed both charges in the middle of the Trial following Michelle Parhar's cross-examination of the Peace Officer.