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Depending on the case, we offer an hourly rate or a flat rate. Our lawyers and paralegals keep detailed logs of the time they spend on your case. We count in ten minute increments and round down when in-between them. Work logs will be disclosed to all clients upon the closing of a case. We only work for as long as a case requires, so you’ll never be overbilled for unproductive time. Final bills will include costs for copy, filing, messengers, and third-party research tools. Partner rates fall between $500 and $600 per hour while Associate rates are between $300 and $400 per hour. Our paralegals charge between $100 and $200 per hour. Retainers must be paid upfront.

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Use the form below to tell us about your legal inquiry, and we’ll call you back to schedule an appointment. Please be as detailed as possible. Include the type of charges you are facing and the time and place of your next Court date if you have that information available. You may also email or call us to make an appointment. Our general response time is one business day. If you are in custody, or are in urgent need of a consultation, please call 403-835-4010. 

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