Assault/Violent Offenses


The definition of assault can be found in s. 265 of the Canadian Criminal Code.

If you have been arrested or detained for an assault or violent offence, it is important to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. In Alberta you have the right to retain and instruct counsel without delay.  Assault, aggravated assault, and assault with a weapon are very serious criminal charges, if found guilty the results can negatively affect your family, career, and future.  Michelle provides professional guidance and strong legal representation for assault and violent offences.

Sexual assault offences are a specialized subset of assault offences with its own set of evidentiary rules. A large range of acts are criminalized under the umbrella of sexual assault offences, from minor sexual touching to aggravated sexual assault.

Sentences for sexual offences are crafted to fit the culpability of the offender and the facts of the case. They range from a discharge or a few weeks in jail to a several years in jail, coupled with an order that the offender be registered with the National Sex Offender Registry. Given the high amount of jeopardy faced by anyone charged with a sexual offence, Michelle fights for her clients in Court and rigorously tests the evidence put forward by the Crown, providing you with the best defence possible. 

Some offences:

·       Assault with a weapon  (S.267)

·       Assault causing bodily harm (S.269)

·       Aggravated Assault (S.268)

·       Domestic Assault (S.266)

·       Sexual Assault (S.271)

·       Sexual Interference (S.151)

·       Kidnapping (s. 279)

·       Assault on a Peace Officer (S.270)

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